Latest version - v 1.1.7 (29 clocks!)

Version 1.1.7 is now on the Market, which already includes all the bonus clocks previously on this webpage! Please check back for bonus and limited-edition clocks.

As of this version, we are now at 29 clocks and counting!

v1.0.6a out - Now TEN clocks total!

Introducing Nixie Notions - the first clock that loads bitmap data instead of using typeface/vector drawing. The next logical step is to open the app for skinning...

Version 1.0.5 out... Now 9 clocks!

- Newly-created clocks now follow last-configured look-and-feel.
- Added Tap-to-Launch functionality.
- Now defaults to background mode (use options to switch to foreground)
- User configurable update interval.
- Added warnings for enabling/disabling widget sizes.

Please, please, please, leave feedback and bug reports here so I can address! Comments on the Market are one-way and thus do not allow me to follow up properly.

Two more clocks added! v1.0.1 out.

Two more clocks have been added!
Morbid Moments:  Halloween theme...
Beaks and Bills:  Cutesy theme where the sun/clouds/ducks all move with time!

Enjoy and (as usual) more to come!

One More Clock! now available on Android Market

Five different themes, based on a from-scratch engine:
1. Bokeh Beauty : Lens flare that moves with the time of day (yes, I know the diff. between bokeh and flare, but flare isn't catchy enough)
2. Culture Clash : My favorite - Glyph in the background represents the hour of day in Chinese.
3. Digital Digits : Mimics a classic LCD alarm clock (indiglo anyone?).
4. Lockscreen Look: Standard, clockopia widget on 2.0+ phones, otherwise defaults to droid sans.
5. Wham!Bam!Widget: A comic take... complete with smart alecky comments!

Please post any issues and comments here.